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Aves del Parque Nacional Tapantí / Birds of Tapanti National Park, Costa Rica. INBio 2002


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Versión bilingüe. I would classify this book as a good resource for the novice birder who has an interest in learning the birds of Costa Rica or, of just the small Parque Nacional Tapanti. The key goal of this book is to select 82 of the more common birds expected to be seen in the national park. This is a modest selection of the 415 that have been recorded from Tapanti. Each bird is given its own full-page color illustration along with a paragraph of text.

  • Editorial : Instituto Nacional de Biodiver; 1st edición (1 Enero 2002)
  • Idioma : Inglés, Español
  • Tapa blanda : 235 páginas
  • ISBN-10 : 9968702714
  • ISBN-13 : 978-9968702713
  • Peso del Artículo : 12.6 onzas