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The Golden Ratio: The Divine Beauty of Mathematics 2018


This is a book that draws you in with the beautifully illustrated pages and is one that you will be proud to display on your coffee table and to have in your library.

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The Golden Ratio examines the presence of this divine number in art and architecture throughout history, as well as its ubiquity among plants, animals, and even the cosmos. This gorgeous book—with layflat dimensions that closely approximate the golden ratio—features clear, enlightening, and entertaining commentary alongside stunning full-color illustrations by Venezuelan artist and architect Rafael Araujo.

From the pyramids of Giza, to quasicrystals, to the proportions of the human face, the golden ratio has an infinite capacity to generate shapes with exquisite properties. This book invites you to take a new look at this timeless topic, with a compilation of research and information worthy of a text book, accompanied by over 200 beautiful color illustrations that transform this into the ultimate coffee table book.

Author Gary Meisner shares the results of his twenty-year investigation and collaboration with thousands of people across the globe in dozens of professions and walks of life. The evidence will close the gaps of understanding related to many claims of the golden ratio’s appearances and applications, and present new findings to take our knowledge further yet.

Whoever you are, and whatever you may know about this topic, you’ll find something new, interesting, and informative in this book, and may find yourself challenged to see, apply, and share this unique number of mathematics and science in new ways.

  • Editorial : Race Point Publishing; Illustrated edición (23 Octubre 2018)
  • Idioma : Inglés
  • Tapa dura : 224 páginas
  • ISBN-10 : 163106486X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1631064869
  • Peso del Artículo : 3 pounds
  • UNSPSC-Code : 55101500
  • Dimensiones : 9.55 x 0.9 x 11.7 pulgadas