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“Smithsonian Handbooks: Butterflies and Moths” by David Carter


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Butterflies are a topic we continually circle back to throughout the year. As children spend more time outside during the summer, they will be spotting more butterflies, so it’s a great time to revisit and expand upon what we know about butterflies! At school, we saw the life cycle first hand as we would notice, observe, compare and count all the caterpillars we would find on our vine. Once big enough, we would transfer the caterpillars to our habitat so we could witness the transformation process from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly! Today’s book invites children to begin identifying common butterflies they might spy in our area. Reference books are a wonderful way to encourage your child’s inquisitive nature as they notice new things and ask questions to deepen their understanding. We hope you enjoy learning the names of 6 local butterflies using the book “Smithsonian Handbooks: Butterflies and Moths” by David Carter.