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Bromelias de Costa Rica, INBio 2000


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This guide will help readers to identify some of the different Species of bromeliads found in Costa Rica and describes the areas where they may be found. Each of the nearly 80 species included in this book is illustrated with beautiful watercolors by the U.S. artist Anita Cooper.

It is a truly a pocket sized field guide. The illustrations are watercolors rather than photos, but capture the plants well. The book is printed in Spanish and English. There are 9 pages of introduction and brief sections on morphology, habitat, simbiosis, and taxonomy. The listing of plants is organized by inflorescense type (flower structure). Either geographic or taxonomic groupings would seem to be more practical for use in the field. That said, this is the book that is available and it serves the purpose well enough.

  • Editorial : INBio; 2nd edición (1 Enero 2000)
  • Idioma : Inglés, Español
  • Tapa blanda : 183 páginas
  • ISBN-10 : 9968702390
  • ISBN-13 : 978-9968702393
  • Peso del producto : 10.4 onzas