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Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica, Zona Tropical 2008


Tres décadas plasmadas en este pequeño pero exquisito libro con nombres, técnicas de preparación y usos de las principales plantas medicinales de Cost Rica.


“Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica,” a new guide book by botanist Ed Bernhardt, is a project the author has been working on for more than three decades. The outcome is a comprehensive source of information on more than 90 Costa Rican plants, some that can literally be found in your backyard.  Ed Bernhardt’s book provides the genus name for each plant as well as its common names in both English and Spanish. The natural growing zones, tips for propagating and medicinal properties of each plant are detailed, as are the techniques for preparing each plant.

The reference book was recently released by Zona Tropical, a San José-based publishing company. All books in the Zona Tropical catalogue are available at The Bookstore of the Waves in Playa Tamarindo. A store copy of “Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica” is available for customers to browse its contents.

  • Editorial : Zona Tropical; First Edition (1 Enero 2008)
  • Idioma : Inglés medio
  • ISBN-10 : 0970567898
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0970567895
  • Peso del producto : 8 onzas